All-in-one Free Book Promotion: Vowelor Author Programme

In a virtual web of the  interconnected world, sometimes it becomes hard to reach the right audience.  When it is about your efforts and dedication you spent on your book, it may go in vain without the right readers who are actually looking for good reads.

Vowelor aims to make the process of reaching out to right readers on right time completely effortless, easy and on top of that – FREE. Vowelor’s Featured Author programme is the solution to all your book promotion needs.

What this programme is about?

We, at Vowelor, understand the need of the exposure that Debut Authors require to reach more readers and get better results. There are many online & offline services which do the same but they charge beyond the pockets of new authors. Vowelor’s Featured Author Programme is completely FREE for the selected authors. We believe in sharing the words & wisdom.

What are the offerings of the programme?

Vowelor will provide the following for the period of 1 week for free to the selected authors.

  • An exclusive interview to be published on Vowelor covering your life, achievements and your passion for writing.
  • A detailed review of your book to be posted on Vowelor Wall.
  • Your Intro and Image along with the interview & book review on Vowelor Homepage under “Featured Author” section.
  • A Live discussion to be held for your book on our website to let you interact with readers.
  • Strategic Promotion of your book on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & Instagram via Vowelor.


What are the expected results?

After all the channelised efforts from the team at Vowelor, the Authors can expect the following results. These are based on the real statistics of the website and the conversion rate over a period of 1 week.

  • Reach out to 5000+ unique readers directly from the website.
  • Get known to 7000+ readers via Social profiles of Vowelor.
  • 25-30% increase in Book sales via redirects from Vowelor.
  • Interaction with several reviewers & get reviewed.
  • Gateway of opportunities with other writers on Vowelor.
  • Stand out of the crowd your personalised Vowelor Profile.


Interested? Apply for Vowelor Featured Author Programme today! Drop your request at [email protected]



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