“The Footprints Of Life” – Creative Writing Prompt

The Footprints Of Life

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Read the amazing writing pieces telling the tale of ‘The Footprints Of Life’ in the photograph featured above.



The sun warmed her and the misty sea spray rose before her, wrapping the rocks in a thin veil of fog. She walked purposefully on, straining her eyes to catch a glimpse of him. She had no doubt he would be there. Her only doubts were of her own courage and resolve. Would she faulter when her eyes met his …. when he reached for her to claim her as his own? The waves whispered to her and the shingle sang as the tide came in….. already her footprints were being whisked away into the deep. Then she saw him. There, between the giant boulders that reared out of the surf. He was just as she remembered. Long hair woven with shells and seaweed …. muscular shoulders and strong arms held open for her. His magnificent fish tail reflected a kaleidoscope of brilliant colors and his eyes, piercing blue, filled with longing, be seached her to come to him. Her step quickened. Faster, into a run, the surf and spray crashing around her as she ran to him. She fell into his arms and felt his power, his magnificent strength as he reared up out of the waves to catch her. Their lips met and he breathed the magical Merman breath deep into her before they both crashed into the sea. He clasped her in his strong embrace and struck out for the deepest oceans. Her Merman was taking her home.

Creative Writing Prompt Winning Entry

by Jan McCulloch


The sand felt warm and tickle beneath her bare feet as she walked slowly on the shore, leaving a trail of fresh footsteps behind her. The sun shone brightly on the summer blue sky, its warm rays creating sparkles in the water and casting shadows on the golden sand. Tiny beads of sweat formed on her brow from the heat but she made no motion to wipe them away; she just kept walking straight ahead, enjoying the small peaceful moment she had. The sea laid in front of her and a thin veil of fog rose over the water. The only sound that reached her ears was the constant shuffling of the waves as they hit the shore over and over again in a never ending kiss that has been lasting for centuries. It made her think of two lovers, always meeting but never being able to be together for too long.

High hills stood proudly tall in front of her, like the only witnesses to the events that have taken place since the dawn of time, as if waiting to reveal their secret to whomever would listen, each of them carrying its own yet untold story. She liked to think what secrets they could reveal, what stories of long lost civilizations they could know. Her imagination carried her ages ago, at the beginning on time, at the creation of the world. Wars, victories, forbidden loves, secret vows, broken promises, renewed hopes… thousands of ideas spun in her mind, once at all but she snapped out of it quickly.

Not this time, she told herself. Just observe. Don’t dwell on it. It was time for her to take a break from it. She just wanted to have a moment for herself. No worries, no fears, no agitation. Just a small moment of peace that she could forever cherish in her heart.
So she walked alone, slowly, in no rush at all, one foot in front of another, in silence, isolated from the rest of the world, from the daily agitation, her thoughts the only companion she had though she didn’t mind. She enjoyed the small peaceful moment she had, one of the few times in her life when she could feel that way. It wasn’t often that she could have this peace. What else could she feel when her whole life was a just a mess? A chaos.

Life it’s never easy but for her was hell. Broken, hurt, time and time again she had felt destroyed. But she had kept going, never looking back.
Now it was the same. She no longer wanted to go back. It was too late for that.
So she just kept walking.

Creative Writing Prompt Entry

by  Marinescu Adina


You see, my Lord, I can feel the sands under my feet. Its a nice feeling. I have been walking for a long time but cannot remember when they started and really don’t know when they will end! May be they started since I began to walk or run or compete the race — the race, the run, the competition that started since I was created my most gracious Lord!

Have you ever noticed that there were another footsteps beside mine — they started to give company without any reason and suddenly they disappeared – I don’t know why. Some are gone, some are yet to come… Who knows?

May no one will come anymore and I’ll have to finish my journey alone — who cares? Doesn’t matter anything. The only reason is, my Lord, I love the journey. Walk! Walk! Walk! — you see, I love to walk.
Yes, I agree the fact that, may be, sometimes I was tired and I sat down, sometimes I ran and rushed out and then I collapsed and thought I will not be able to walk anymore….. but you see, I’m not lost — I’m still walking with you above and the sands below and the sea beside.
May be the wave will come to wash my steps… but both of us will know that I did never give up….

Creative Writing Prompt Entry

by  Shabnam Yeasmin Rahaman


The wind was blowing lightly carrying her golden hair with it. The sun shone on her highlighting the smile on her face.

She could see him near, hear his laughter in the wind.

The smell of the fresh ocean breeze filled her nostrils as she walked briskly to him.

She needed to see him one last time, to taste his lips and feel his touch. A forbidden touch that warmed her heart.

His golden curls came into view, they were blonde but the effect of the sun gave it that appearance.

The smile on her face shone brighter and her heart warmed. Her forbidden lover was near.

She gasped as a heart breaking sight behold her. Her love holding another, kissing her with those lips he spoke loving words to her and teasing her lips like he use to do to her.

She turned around and ran away. She had to get that scene from out off her mind. The pain, the anguish held her heart, tearing it from her chest.

Tears washed the golden banks of her cheeks and stained them. The salty air struck her and she grabbed her arms trying to stay warm.

Guess they were right, true love didn’t exist and happily ever after will never come. Just a pigment of our imagination

She walked slowly down the shore, head down and feet sinking in the wet sand.

The impressions of a lover with a broken heart.

Creative Writing Prompt Entry

by  Nia Shan


As I look at the madness I call life, I know I must get centered. I close my eye to search for peace…
Every breath I take, I feel myself drift inward to a dark and quiet place. As my eyes start to adjust I see I’m lost in the fog which must be my life. With nothing more, but a single faint beam of light, that guides me along the jagged path. I search for that sacred spot that holds what has been and all that will ever be the source that is my soul.

I look for the how’s, why’s, and everything in between, I yell for help. Which somehow I know it is in vain, for the reason of the fog. As my mind floods with images of my journey, I search for where I lost control. When I am hit with the thought: for I always strive for perfection, because of the belief failure is not an option. I push myself to the limit of near self-combustion, just achieve success.
With that revelation a soft breeze carries the words: No need to be so hard on yourself, Embrace what you believe to be imperfections, and know that is what makes you who you are. For you are, the perfection version of you!

As those words echo in my mind, the light starts to grow, as the fog drifts out to sea. I feel the sensation of the sand between my toes. I hear sounds of the seagulls and the splashing of the waves on the shore. I find myself staring at the open and gentle sea, as I walk along the endless shore of my mind.

I awake knowing the storm is of my creation. I can now see life for the gift it really is!

Creative Writing Prompt Entry

by  JohnPaul Arrey


Warm, wet sand squished between her toes with every step. Gentle heat from the mid-morning sun touched her bare arms, reminding her of the last time she’d been to this beach. Not alone, then. Her father had walked beside her, all those years ago, his footprints like giants’ steps compared to her smaller ones. Though he’d been gone for many years, she still remembered his rumble laugh, the way he smiled indulgently at her toddler-sized antics whenever the waves crashed beside them. Fond memories, if bittersweet. She might be walking this beach alone, now, but her father still walked beside her, leaving footprints in her heart, rather than the sand.

Creative Writing Prompt Entry

by  Rhiannon Ayers


Her sunset walk was a nightly ritual…a solitary moving meditation to help her clear the cobwebs from her addled mind and stiff muscles. The salty smell of the azure surf and the cool sand between her toes served as a reminder that she was still a part of the bigger picture, no matter how hard she tried to wall herself off from the outside world. She didn’t have a destination in mind when she set out every evening. She’d just close her eyes and wait for the breeze to give her the direction de jour. Sometimes she’d go too far, and by the time she found her way back to her tiny beach hovel, every joint in her body was sore. On other occasions, she’d be striding at a brisk clip, only to encounter the tinkling laughter of small, rowdy children, and with a pounding heart and shallow breath, she’d bolt in the opposite direction.

Creative Writing Prompt Entry

by   Michelle Pace

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