Childhood Memories : Everyone has a Story to Share

Childhood Memories : Everyone has a Story

Life flows at a very fast pace, even the people you see around never be the same. It is the truth and the reality that we owe to the life. All that is left are the stories… the memories, most fascinating of them are the childhood memories. If I could sum up the feeling of a young heart, then it would be stated as,


There is no fun in getting Old.


There are things that define the childhood memories. As a child, we used to have funny stories, illogical myths, mind-boggling questions and a lot more awesome childhood  memories.

Let’s go on a ride back in time to our childhood. Let’s be kids again and relive those unforgettable childhood memories that everyone shares equally.


The Childhood Myths

We are thankful we had a childhood, very rich and joyful. Talking about memories, those were the days when you really get to know about the real freedom, no rules, just the innocence of a little face of being unknown to the things around.

I remember, I and my friends use to accept the rain as the God was having a bath, no that’s not the limit of our imagination, the fun part was the clouds, according to us which were the doors to shield the shyness of the god from us. Don’t laugh… we were just the kids. We were strange to many of the processes that were going around.


Everyone has a Childhood Story

C’mon everyone has a story. That funny, sometimes scary, childhood story, we really didn’t bother much about how the story was going, as we were busy in extracting the joy out of it rather than making it a meaningful BESTSELLER. The superman synonyms to the power and the red tights were the symbol of it.

Let me guess, you have also tried to wear the red tights on the outside. I will wait to hear from you in the comments about the same.

In my childhood, I  was more of a Popeye lover, though I hated spinach and that’s where I and my mom always had a fight. “You want to be Popeye, but don’t want to eat spinach”, Does that justify? I still wonder why it can’t be Ice-cream. Those were the days of real fun, every night you build a brand new story and the next day you just live it.


The Childhood Poems

What is the fun of living a childhood when you are not a part of poems? I still give a full stop to my day with a beautiful poem. The soft-spoken voice of the mother chanting the phrases of the poem, it was just like a hot melted chocolate pouring onto the top of the vanilla ice cream, again that’s a part of my imagination. I guess no one in their childhood knows that the poems do rhyme, we just believe that every second line follows the pronunciation of the previous one like Run-fun, Joy-toy & live-give. My all-time favourite childhood rhyme,


Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.


These four lines definitely relate to the childhood of 100% of the people who went to primary school. But the real fact is we didn’t even know that these are just the opening phrases of the poem, but not the entire of it.


I advise you to listen to the melody of it one more time and relive your childhood just after you done with the reading of this article.


The Childhood Questions

1) Where has the sun gone?
2) Why stars do twinkle?
3) Where the baby comes from?
4) Who is in the mirror?

Why? What? When? Where? Who? Remember these words? I just love them. These were the part of childhood, No one can grow smarter without known to these words. The childhood was full of plagiarism, we often use to ask questions about anything that came across, either it makes sense or not, we didn’t stop using these words.


What were your questions in childhood? Please write them in comments, I feel happy to answer them now.


There is much more to share from the bucket of childhood, as there is no end to it. Please share your childhood stories and small little things about it on Vowelor. Who knows, maybe your story can be an aspiration  to the people.


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