10 easy hacks to get rid of Writer’s Block

Yes, Writer’s Block. That dreaded state when the creative mind of a writer goes to sleep under a ROCK! That insane time when everything you jot down comes out as TERRIBLE! That outcast period when all the magic and passion is suddenly GONE!

Every writer must have faced this at least once a while. Many of them have their own way of dealing with it.

Been there? Well, most of us do. And I know how hard it is to get past this situation of being unable to write anything readable at all.

Once J K Rowling was asked about how she overcome a writer’s block and she mentioned that travelling can be one of the ways to get out of this problem. While you are travelling you get to explore things in a unique manner and that helps you to make alive the dead creativity of yours.

To ease the same and let your creativity rejuvenate, here are few tips to get you out of the Writer’s Block – quick & easy.


Talk to a Monkey (Yeah!)

You may not believe, but  it works. Try talking to anything around. It could be your favourite soft toy, your pillow, your pet or even that chair you sit upon! Explain what you’re really trying to say. Let it flow!


Do something important that’s very easy

Find the smallest part of your story you could finish the fastest and move things forward. Try to put your mind to it and get it done. It will take less time and give you a sense of achievement. That will surely lead you forward!


Try Freewriting

Yes, just sit down and write anything for a period of time—say, 10 minutes. Don’t stop, no matter what. Cover the monitor with a manila folder if you have to. Keep writing, even if you know what you’re typing is gibberish, grammatically junk and full of misspellings. Get your fingers moving and your brain will think it’s writing. Which it actually is. See?


Take a Stroll in greens

Get out of your writing brain for few minutes. Think about flowers, greenery, bunnies or trees! Breathe. Inhale the power of nature and you’re good to go.


Write from a persona

Think of yourself as your favourite Writer. Lend your words to him/her virtually. Doesn’t have to be a pirate or anything—just try seeing your topic from someone else’s perspective, style, and interest.


Write someplace new

If you’ve been staring at the screen and nothing is happening, walk away. Shut down the computer. Take one pen and one notebook, and go somewhere new.


Listen to new music

Tune into something instrumental and rhythmic that you’ve never heard before. Put it on repeat, then stop fiddling with iTunes until your draft is done.


Write crap

No matter that your first draft sucks, Accept that and just go with it. Put everything you’ve got on the paper. Finish SOMETHING. It will give you sense of satisfaction and joy. Take that joy as the fuel to take your story to the happy ending.


Make a senseless rule

Enough of writing the way you are comfortable. Try adding some constraints. Say you can’t end sentences with words that begin with a vowel. Or you can’t have more than one word over eight letters in any line. Limits create focus and change your perspective.


Just write five words (Literally)

Put five completely arbitrary words on a piece of paper. Add five more words. Make a sentence. Be it anything. A block vanishes when you start making sentences on a page.


So the next time when the Writer’s Block monster attacks, you have all your weapons to defeat the shit of out it! Happy Writing 🙂



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